Left: automotive transmission housing.

cylinder head

Small engine cylinder from the airset sand casting process.

Military, defense housing

Defense application of airset sand casting.

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Precision Airset Sand Castings

Precision Airset Sand Casting is a modified sand casting process that allows Armstrong RM to produce larger aluminum and zinc parts in 2-5 weeks. By using this precision sand casting method, your parts offer superior metallurgical properties in thick wall sections and superior surface finishes when compared with other sand casting techniques.

  • Parts in 2-5 weeks
  • Simulates larger die cast parts for appearance and properties
  • Low cost tooling allows for ease of geometry modification
  • Excellent production method for programs that can't justify hard tooling
  • Superior metallurgical characteristics - certifications available

The advantages of the Precision Airset Sand Casting process are achieved through the use of a fine grain silica and a no-bake process. When compared to conventional sand casting and V process casting, you will see (and feel) the difference in surface finish and detail.

Precision Airset Sand Casting is a complementary process to Rubber Plaster Molding. To determine which is best for your application call us today, or send an email to sales@armstrongmold.com.

For detailed specifications, view a technical data sheet for Precision Airset Casting.



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Interested in seeing how our Precision Airset Sand Casting process works?

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