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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping has become the greatest advancement in time savings that Armstrong has seen in the past decade. Even from the most complex CAD file, we can make a cost effective, 3-D stereolithography model. Rapid prototyping is perfect for master patterns for fast turnaround aluminum castings by sand or plaster molding, or for producing plastic parts in thermoplastic resins or urethanes.

  • Overnight production of model or prototype
  • Model produced from designer's database
  • Facilitates design application review

Armstrong RM can accept many types of data, including

  • STL file
  • Pro/Engineer
  • IGES
  • DXF

And when changes take place in your production designs, the stereolithography model is machinable and adaptable - modifications without starting the whole process over.

If you need a prototype, pattern, tooling or cast parts, Armstrong can supply the rapid prototypes. And, if CNC machining is the best solution, we can do that too. Call us today to get started on your next prototype or low volume production project.

View a technical data sheet on Rapid Prototyping.
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